Dreams really do come true...

​As a child I would follow my grandmother around with a book in hand asking her to read to me. I loved the intimacy of the connection and the wonder filled land of stories being read aloud. Stories engage our minds and our imagination. What better way to teach our children than stirring their imaginations and their inner knowing.
My 6 year old granddaughter, when asked on our play days what she would like to do, her response has always been the same: “Our imagination games, grandma.” There is nothing more dynamic nor profound than the imagination. It has the potential transformative power to create wondrous worlds, within and without. 

How do we harness this wonderful gift we all have? One way is through the creation of stories and storytelling. The Indigo Queen was written for this very purpose -- to stir the imagination and the soul. Use it as a guide to help your children remember the power they have to create a difference in their lives. I hope you enjoy my creations of imagination. Start with a free audio chapter, below.  I would love to hear back from you...​​

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An allegory of magic...    
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The quest! Brew up a pot of magic with mythical creatures and the power of the human spirit and get transported into the magical realm of the Indigo Queen and her council. Does Heaven’s ancient plan to save humankind from total destruction work? Or does the dream eater’s insidious whispering of lies win out in the end? Listen or read – your choice. A delightfully sophisticated tale for youth and adults. Order now, or read more about The Indigo Queen. Explore other books I have written too!

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