A dream to last a lifetime...       SusanKForest.com

​​I love khundalini yoga, playing with my granddaughter Ruby, and walking in the woods. They inspire me and help my mind, body and soul, stay healthy, centered and connected!
My books and my counselling practice have all come out of the quest to find and live in this place of light within. I have found in my years of counselling that most people confuse the trauma with their true identity, something that is far from the truth. We are truly all beings of light and majesty at our core. My life purpose is to share this Light and Love of Spirit through my writings, my humour, and my counselling.

​​Join me in sharing the Light!
"I was aware that I was sleeping, yet felt very much awake..."​

All my senses were heightened as I began to rise upward beyond my room, beyond the house and then beyond the Earth itself. As I continued upward I watched the planet get smaller and smaller until there was nothing visible. I was standing in a void.

​​A man with an aura of holiness wearing an orange robe approached me. At the time I thought he was of Japanese decent but now know the saffron robe he wore was that of a Tibetan monk. In a gentle voice he said, “You are very lucky to be on the Earth plane at this time as you are bringing light to a dying world.” As he spoke I saw the entire Earth covered in a very thick dark cloud and a shaft of light, like a huge lightning bolt, piercing through the cloud.

The keys to this Light lie in your hands. Come to know you are safe, you are love, and together we can touch the Divine within. Allow me to show you how to open the door.​​
Until then...
   I have called this light, God, Source, Higher Power, and even Love. This Light is the foundation of all life – the key to all joy, contentment and peace. For many years I pursued this elusive Light or Love in people and perceptions of an outer God – always looking on the exterior.

   ​​I had no idea It resided in the very heart of me. The muddy layers of past fears had blinded my sight of the truth of our reality; the truth of each and every one of us. Today I know where this Light/Love is. I know what Love is. I know it is the essence of my very core and I know this is the truth of you.